where to buy halal chicken in the usa

Where to Buy Halal-Certified Chicken Online [Best Buying Guide 2023]

Wondering where to buy halal chicken online in the USA?


With over 3.45 million Muslims living in the USA alone, eating Halal should not be difficult.


In a world where Islamic dietary preferences and cultural considerations hold great significance, finding high-quality sources of foods that adhere to the dietary standard becomes paramount.


When it comes to Halal foods, the emphasis is on no other thing but ethical and religious practices which require a careful selection process.


Are you looking for a trusted place where you can effortlessly shop for readily-available Halal-certified chicken? If so, you have found the right place to get quality, tender Zabiha chicken.


In this post, you will find out why halal-certified chicken is paramount to chicken lovers’ health and a trusted place to buy quality zabiha/dhabihah chicken.


Key Takeaway:

  • Wehalal is the most trusted online shopping website for halal products where you can get quality, tender halal-certified chicken
  • Chickens are sourced from trustworthy Muslim farmers who adhere to strict protocols of halal and zabiha
  • Chickens are fully grass-fed


So without any further ado, let’s get delve into the main content.


Where to Get Halal-Certified Chicken?

One of the leading online platforms where you can be sure you are getting high-quality halal meat that adheres to the Islamic dietary standard is Wehalal. Wehalal is an exquisite brand renowned for its commitment to providing 100% halal-certified products, from lean meat to beverages and other consumable items.


Apart from the fact that this brand’s vision is to make sure all Muslims find it easier to get Halal-certified products without hassle, Wehalal also understands the importance of Halal and how it promotes health, which is why they strive to provide customers with great value and utmost satisfaction.


Whether you are looking to get yourself a halal-certified whole chicken, chicken lap, chicken breast, chicken wing, or chicken thigh, Wehalal always has something special for you.


Wehalal also offers other halal lean meats such as lamb, sheep, goat, beef, turkey, fish, and many more. Whether you are a sanitarian or a pescatarian, Wehalal always has something that will suit your needs.


Why is Halal-Certified Chicken so Popular?

Halal foods in general are known to be Islamic practice where it is believed that a food must be prepared and preserved in a certain way. Chicken and other meats have to follow a standard known as Dhabihah.


Dhabihah or Zabiha is a standard of Islamic law for slaughtering animals in a humane way which requires the following:

  • The animal must be healthy at the point of killing
  • Must be killed by a Muslim, who understands the importance of Zabiha
  • Permission and blessings must be said from God (Allah) before slaughtering
  • The slaughtering must start from the animal’s jugular vein, making a swift deep cut with a razor-sharp blade or knife so that the animal does not go through too much pain
  • Killing must be done by hand. The use of machines is prohibited
  • Blood must be left to drain completely and rinsed with clean water


Another reason why halal-certified chicken gained so much popularity is because of the healthy complication which thousands have been suffering for many years. People tend to be more careful with their intake. This reference is to the health complications that have been rising over time.


According to multiple researches, several health complications are developed based on diet, the kind of food one eats, and how hygienic they are. For this reason, large numbers of non-Muslims have adopted the consumption of only halal meats.


In addition to this, all halal meat is grass-fed, making them the most healthy option for promoting good health while consuming them. Halal animals are usually raised humanely, giving them only vegetables and clean water, and allowing them to grow naturally without the use of growth hormone chemicals.


Health Benefits of Halal-Chicken

Unlike the normal chicken where the poultry only cares about profit and thrive to make mass production of meaty chickens by giving chickens growth injections or mixing their feed with growth chemicals. Halal chickens are not raised in the same way.


Halal chickens are raised following Islamic belief, this is because of the strict rules for raising farm animals and the obedience of Almighty Allah who has ordered all Muslims, literally everyone, to only consume only what is clean and raised humanely


Based on research, halal-certified chicken has been proven to be better than normal chicken. Here are a few health benefits of eating halal chicken


  • They are free from harmful bacteria that cause illness in humans such as E.coli
  • Halal-certified chickens tend to be a good source of nourishment
  • Because they are hygienic, they help boost the body’s metabolism
  • They are free from blood since the “Zabiha Killing Method” requires draining blood completely
  • It is more are tastier and tenderer
  • Eating Halal/Zabiha shows the obedience and how disciplined Muslims are to what God has made lawful.


Why Choose Wehalal for Halal Chicken

There are various reasons why it is advised to buy Halal Chicken from Wehalal online shopping store one of which is authenticity and trustworthiness; Wehalal is committed to providing unparalleled value, undergoing rigorous Halal certification processes to guarantee compliance with Islamic dietary laws. When you choose Wehalal, you can have confidence in the origin and quality of the chicken.


Another reason to buy from Wehalal is transparency; how well do you trust your favorite online store? Wehalal maintains transparency about the sourcing and processing of its products from suppliers who are Muslims that understands the importance of halal and stick to protocols.


This transparency not only aligns with the principles of Halal but also builds trust among consumers who seek to make informed choices about their food.


Lastly, at Wehalal, options are not limited to getting only full chicken. Customers are offered the choice to choose according to their needs. Whether you want to shop for chicken breasts, thighs, or wings, you are assured availability and quality



Good health is paramount, and that is the exact reason why it is important to only focus on halal-certified meats. When it comes to buying Halal chicken, choosing a trusted and certified source is very important as this will save you from fake brands that pose to be legit.


Without any doubt, Wehalal is still outstanding and the most trusted online shopping site where shopping for halal lean meat is made possible and easy.


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