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10 Important Health Benefits of Halal Meat

Every day of our life, not only do we want to live a healthy and happy life, but we also want to eat delicious and healthy meals so that we can be free from diseases that can be contracted from the kind of food we eat, the liquid we drink.

This led a lot of people even the non-muslims to prefer Halal foods because they believe those kinds of foods are well processed and totally safe to consume.

When people, especially the non-Muslims come across the word Halal, halal meat, or halal food, what comes to their mind is MUSLIM. Yeah, that’s right. 

Are you ready to know more about halal meat? Let’s dive together


What Is Halal Meat

The word Halal is an Arabic meaning Permissible/Prohibited, and when we say meat is permissible (halal meat), what it simply means is, that kind of meat from a certain animal is permitted or accepted to be consumed according to the Islamic dietary guidelines.


For meat to be considered halal it must have passed the ritual practiced by Islamic law. It started with how animals are being fed and cared for, making sure they are not diseased animals and must not come in contact with contaminants, and how they are being slaughtered (Dhabihah/Zabiha). When meat passes through all these stages, then it can be considered halal.

If you want to learn more, you can check this resources we created on the difference between halal meat and regular meat and this infographic on halal meat market.


Examples of Halal Foods

These are some types of animals that are considered halal, they include:

  • Meat (cow, sheep, goat, lamb), etc, that are prepared properly.
  • Poultry/Birds ( chicken, turkey, duck, domestic fowl) that are prepared properly.
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Diary products that are halal
  • And some seafood and freshwater animals that are considered halal



The Health Benefit of Halal Meat Backed By Science

  • Halal meat is safer to eat
  • Halal meat is more hygienic
  • Halal meat is stress hormone free
  • Halal meat enhances metabolism
  • Good impact on the brain
  • Halal meat tastes better
  • It boosts the immune system
  • Halal slaughtering is more humane
  • Halal meat is healthier
  • Halal Meat is fresher with longer shelf life


Halal Meat is Safer to Eat:

Eating clean and healthy meats is one of our top priorities, when it comes to food health, halal meat is known for being free from pathogen infestation, they are meats from well-reared, non-diseased animals which is safer to consume. Halal meats are usually grass-fed and their blood is completely drained after slaughtering, this helps reduce the risk of contamination from bacteria and results in better, fresher meat.


Halal Meat is More Hygienic:

I guess we were all taught food hygiene in school, when consuming halal meat or any other halal food, you have nothing to worry about. Farmers who rear halal meats are bound by critical criteria which they must adhere to, these criteria include humanely caring for the animal, giving them nutritious foods, clean and conducive habitat, and protecting them from insect infestation. There is no exception of critical boundaries to the butchers who slaughters halal meat. The butcher must slaughter according to Islamic law, the knife which is used to kill or slice non-halal meat must not be used for halal meat.


It is Stress Hormone Free:

A farmer who rears halal animals must treat the animals with care and respect, the animals must not be maltreated in any kind of way because Islam believes they also have emotions and should not be maltreated because we have power over them. In the process of slaughtering them for consumption reasons, no animal should be present or should witness others being slaughtered.


Halal Meat Enhances Metabolism:

As said earlier that healthy living is one of our top priorities, and our health advantages are connected to our bodies’ metabolism. One of the best ways to take care of our body is to watch what we eat, are they healthy enough?

Halal meat such as cow, chicken, turkey, and lamb strengthens the immune system, brain, and metabolisms in our body. When the immune and metabolism are strong, it absorbs nutrients and eliminates harmful substances that are present in the body.


Good Impact on the Brain:

It is no doubt healthy food helps enhances brain functionality, eating halal foods that are good for the brain can be even more effective, this is because halal foods are healthy and free from harmful substances that can defect the effect of the food nutrients compared to conventional meat that is less nutritious. Among the health-benefiting meats, lamb meat is healthy for the brain and can also help reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol in your blood, lowering risky chances for heart disease and stroke.


Better Taste & Quality:

Eating meat is not just enough, have you tried meat that tastes even much better?

Halal meat is fed good, healthy vegetables. When compared to other regular meats, halal meat is considered healthier, tastier, and a tenderer. it tastes so good when flavored, this is due to the absence of blood in the meat.


It Enhances the Immune System:

Compare to conventional meat which is less nutritious. Halal meat is safe and healthy. It is considered pure and helps develops a stronger immune system that prevents your body system from the attacks of bacteria.


Halal Slaughtering Is More Ethical And Humane:

Just as explained in the 2nd health benefits of halal. Both Butchers and Farmers who rear and slaughter halal meats are bound by critical criteria to which they must adhere. The animal should not be suffered to death in the process of slaughtering, other animals must not be present when slaughtering, a razor-sharp knife is the best to slaughter so they don’t feel prolonged pain before giving up their lives and the knife must go through the throat. Stun guns, electrifying or brutal killing are not allowed



For meat considered to be certified halal meat, it must have passed the following test, they are as follows:

  • The animals must not be a diseased or dead type
  • It must be fed healthy foods and vegetables
  • Must have the freedom to move around the yard so they are not depressed
  • Must be in a sound-healthy condition
  • Abnormal or animals with the disorder are not permitted
  • The animal must also meet certain requirements about size, age, and slaughter manner

Halal Meat Is Fresher With Longer Shelf-Life:

The procedures by which these foods are being processed, make them last longer and fresher than conventional meats.


Why Is Eating Halal So Important?

Eating Halal is an order from Almighty Allah, God emphasizes eating clean foods repeatedly, in the book (Holy Quaran 23:51), Allah said “ O Messengers, eat from the pure foods and work righteousness”  this makes halal an essential part of the Islamic faith.


Apart from that, halal foods are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and preservatives. All these feeds and chemicals used on animals to improve their growth unhealthily can adversely affect the human body and can cause illness.  In Addition, halal meat is safe from bacteria, and not only they are healthier than regular/conventional meat, but halal meat also tastes better.



Islam cherishes cleanliness, purity, and welfare so much and this should not be allocated to Muslims, or should it?

Living a healthy life is a gift but how can we help ourselves achieve healthy living? It is nothing so comprehensive, as long as we help our body metabolism and immune system to develop and be strong enough to prevent our body system from illnesses caused by food bacteria, we should try eating foods that are halal– meaning, foods that are permissible, clean, and healthy.

Now that you are done reading the article — “Health benefit of halal meat” we hope you now understand what halal and halal meat is, the types of halal meat, and the benefits. Looking to order halal meat? You can buy Zabiha halal meat online on Wehalal.


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