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At Wehalal, we offer a wide variety of premium quality zabiha halal meat to cater to every taste and occasion as part of our grocery products. Whether you crave halal beef, halal beef brisket, or delicious halal lamb, our best-tasting halal meat collection has the perfect cut of meat for you. Indulge in the exquisite authentic taste every time and flavor of our sought-after halal deli, halal boneless chicken breast renowned worldwide and a popular restaurant choice. Treat yourself to the superbly marbled halal steak, ideal for steak nights and Halal BBQ.

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If you're a fan of halal poultry and want to enjoy quality meats, our collection of chicken meat and halal turkey offers an exceptional fresh taste. Additionally, we take pride in providing a variety of deli meats, including halal sausage and halal box, all prepared following halal guidelines. Our selection of halal meats helps you find exactly what you are looking for on Wehalal.

What Is Halal Meat?

Halal meat is produced following Islamic laws that govern its rearing and slaughter. The GMO-free halal meat must be sourced from animals slaughtered via a specific method to be classified as halal. This involves cutting the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe to ensure the swift and humane death of the animal. Additionally, hormone-free halal meat is free from alcohol content, and the animals should have been fed a vegetarian diet without any growth hormones or antibiotics.

How is Halal Meat Slaughtered?

Halal meat is obtained through a carefully prescribed slaughtering process. The animal is slaughtered by cutting across its throat with a sharp blade. This method severs the carotid arteries, jugular vein, and windpipe, leading to a swift and efficient death. It's important to note that the animal must be healthy and alive at the time of slaughter. Afterward, the blood is thoroughly drained from the carcass.

Is Halal the Same as Kosher?

Halal and Kosher meats are distinct in their requirements and preparation. While both follow religious guidelines, they differ in specific aspects. Halal meat adheres to the practices of Islamic law, focusing on the method of slaughter, a vegetarian diet, and the absence of growth hormones or antibiotics. In contrast, Kosher meat requires animals to have split hooves and chew their cud, and a specially trained person carries out the slaughtering process called a "sochet."

Is Halal Meat Grass-Fed?

Halal meat can be sourced from animals that are either grass-fed or grain-fed, depending on their rearing methods. The halal meat guidelines do not restrict whether the animal should be grass-fed. However, the animal must be fed a vegetarian diet and treated with care during its lifetime while ensuring it is healthy during slaughter.

Is Pork Halal?

Pork is considered "haram" in the Muslim religion, making it strictly prohibited and not classified as halal meat or halal food. Regarding cultural views, other meat products, such as ground beef or natural chicken, are considered healthier and cleaner alternatives.  

Where Can I Buy Halal Meat Near Me?

The #1 trusted source for Halal meat & grocery online is Wehalal. To ensure your meat is halal, purchasing from reputable grocery stores or butchers who can provide traceability for their products and are certified by Halal Monitoring Services, demonstrating adherence to strict halal standards is crucial. At Wehalal, our selection of goat meat, halal meats, and halal chicken is certified to meet the highest laws and regulations governing the rearing and slaughtering methods of the animals.  

How Is Halal Meat Killed?

Halal animals undergo a specific slaughtering process. A sharp instrument cuts the animal's throat and windpipe, ensuring a swift and humane death. Afterward, the carcass is drained of blood before skillfully breaking down into various butcher cuts.  

Does Halal Meat Taste Different?

Halal meat generally offers a taste equal to, if not better, regular meat. The animals are fed a 100% natural diet and allowed to grow normally, resulting in chopped halal meat that often boasts more flavorful and succulent characteristics than alternatives.  

Is Stunned Meat Halal?

The definition of halal goes beyond stunning. According to Islamic law, animals must be alive and healthy at slaughter to be classified as halal. Stunning, which can sometimes result in the animal's death, does not adhere to the requirements of Islamic law for halal meat preparation.    

Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: Can I trust the quality and authenticity of halal meat when shopping online?
A: Absolutely! At Wehalal, we offer premium quality halal meat that adheres to strict Islamic laws. Our halal products are sourced from trusted suppliers, and we provide complete traceability, ensuring you receive authentic halal meat.
Q: How is halal meat delivered to ensure its freshness?
A: We understand the importance of delivering fresh halal meat to our customers. Our halal meat delivery process is carefully handled to maintain its freshness. We use specialized packaging and ensure swift delivery to your doorstep, so you can enjoy the finest halal meat at home.
Q: Are there any additional charges for halal meat delivery?
A: We offer free halal meat delivery fees within our designated areas. There are no hidden charges, making it convenient to enjoy premium halal meat without extra costs.
Q: Can I find various halal meat options online at Wehalal?
A: Certainly! Our online collection features a diverse range of halal meat, including halal beef, lamb, and poultry. Whether you're looking for specific cuts or premium options like zabiha halal poultry, we've got you covered.
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