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Where to Buy Halal Meat In The USA (2023 Buying Guide)

Are you wondering if you can buy Halal meat in the USA?


Look no further! 


In this post, I will share with you exactly where to buy Halal meat that meets your high standards of quality and authenticity.


With over  3.45millions in the USA, it should not be difficult to find trustworthy sources of Halal meat in the USA is real.


However, tt’s frustrating to constantly worry about the authenticity and quality of the meat you’re purchasing, especially when it’s an important part of your dietary beliefs.


By following our guide, you’ll be able to confidently buy Halal meat that satisfies your requirements and aligns with your values.


Get ready to say goodbye to the hassle and stress of finding Halal meat in the USA, and hello to delicious, authentic, and safe meals for you and your loved ones.


Looking for A Place to Buy Halal Meat in USA?


Wehalal.co is a one stop halal grocery store in the USA. All products on our site are halal products. Every halal product that you can find on our websites comes from trustworthy suppliers/producers which means the products are processed according to Islamic law for production methods.


We provide different kinds of quality Zabiha halal meat for human consumption. If you are looking for halal meat delivery, then you are in the right place. Choose from a variety of zabiha halal meats of your choice such as beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, and many others.


Below are a few lists of Zabiha halal meat you may love to purchase, they are tasty and affordable.



You can purchase both freshly pre-packaged and consumption-ready halal meats at Wehalal. The pre-packaged meats are already sliced to reduce customer/user stress and enable quick and stress-free cooking, so there is really no need to deal with the stress of skinning or slaughtering.


Without a question, halal meat—which is only intended for consumption by Muslims—remains the best meat when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.


Halal meats are reputed to be the greatest for persons attempting to control their cholesterol level because of the production procedure. You might have been instructed to consume exclusively grass-fed beef, chicken, or turkey in order to lower cholesterol and maintain good health.


Why grass-fed then? – Halal meats are the best you can rely on if you find yourself in this kind of predicament; they are completely organic, beneficial, and delectable. 


Since the Islam regulation for animal fairness is to be kind and good to any domestic or living thing prior to their circumstances, the majority of Halal animals are grown fairly from when they are infants and fed with vegetables, given proper healthcare without growth drugs incorporated.


Compared to their conventional counterpart, grass-fed animals provide key nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and a beneficial fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a healthy lipid that has been linked to increased immunity and anti-inflammatory effects. They can tick these boxes because of the kind of diet and nutrition they are fed.


Are Halal Meat Grass-Fed (Chicken, Turkey  Beef)


Yes, all halal meats are raised on grass. Any meat or animal must meet all criteria for food behavior in order to be considered halal, according to the Islamic law that governs the intake of meat.


The necessary requirements that must be met in order to deem meat or an animal halal are listed below.


  • These creatures must be domesticated and not wild.
  • It cannot be a predatory animal.
  • Snakes, dogs, wolves, tufted deer, and other creatures with fangs are prohibited.
  • Hunting of canines including lions, tigers, etc. is prohibited.
  • Such an animal must be well cared for, fed a nutritious meal (vegetables), and allowed room to roam around.
  • Growth hormones and other artificial substances are not permitted.
  • Before taking the life of any animal, it must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law; stunning, hanging, torturing, or engaging in any other inhumane behavior is prohibited.


With Wehalal, be rest assured that every meat you purchase are fully halal and they are fetched from trusted producers and suppliers.


Benefit of Halal Meat


Why is halal beef special, you may be wondering.


Diseases contracted through eating beef can have a negative impact on a human body, resulting in several illnesses. Non-halal methods of animal killing run the risk of introducing infections and other bacterias including e-coli poisoning, and other harmful contaminants. Halal beef is not permitted to contain preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, or antibiotics that may cause huge risk and danger to human health.


You can see that there is a need to eat foods that can shield you against many unknown diseases and aid in your quest for a lovely and healthy lifestyle. If you reside in the United States, You may order freshly packed certified meat from Wehalal and have it delivered to you.




Over the years, Halal meat has long been regarded as the best, and both Muslims and non-Muslims have backed this up with personal experience and data from science.


Whether you are Muslim or not, it is important to eat foods that are healthy, particularly when it comes to meat. Many people have been infected with several illnesses after consuming meat, but this is not because the meat is unhealthy; rather, it is due to the nutrition and the way the animals that produce these meat are fed.


Many poultry and cattle owners made their money out of greed by injecting their animals with chemicals to make them grow larger and produce more meat for their personal benefit. However, as humans, we must make the appropriate food choices in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to get halal snake meat?

No it is not, Islam forbids any animals with fangs and snakes are one of them, there is no way you can get a halal snake meat since the religion forbids such animals.


Is KFC chicken halal?

Yes, KFC do serve halal based food in some Islamic country like saudi arabia, they reassure their customers that their chickens are fetched from trusted suppliers who are certified halal suppliers. However, in countries like USA, you may not be able to get halal foods.


There are many claims that says based on the mass consumption of fast food, most KFC in the USA stun their chickens to death.


So if you are looking for a halal option at KFC, you need to understand of your geographical location, and check if your local franchise is owned by a Muslim who take pride in halal foods.


Is Pepsi halal?

Yes, Pepsi is halal. The Islamic religion forbids any fluids that are alcoholic or have an alcoholic content in them, since pepsi is made with no percentage alcohol, pepsi is 100% halal.


Is Coca Cola (Coke) halal?

Yes, the ingredients that make up coke drink have no presence of alcohol, coke is a non-alcoholic beverage and this makes it fully permissible for muslims to consume.


Are McDonald’s foods halal?

Due to the law of consumption that is practiced in Islamic countries, McDonald’s located in this region tends to respect their laws and produce halal menus in these countries but however, in non islamic countries like the US or UK, it may be hard to trust McDonald’s in these areas are halal.


Which online store sells halal meat?

Buy halal foods and livestocks at an affordable price. Wehalal.co offers 100% halal foods and meats including beef, chickens, turkeys and many more. These foods are fetched from trusted halal certified producers.


Does Costco USA have halal meat?

Yes, COSTCO provides both frozen meat, pre-packed fresh meat, fully cooked, and smoked halal certified meat. On Costco, you can get beef, chickens, and other zabiha halal meat. 


Is there where to get certified halal meat in the USA?

Despite not being an Islamic country, there are some restaurants and stores in the United state that are owned by a Muslim. Many of these stores and restaurants offer Halal certified meats. One of the trusted places to get freshly slaughtered halal meat in the US is Lebanese Butcher Slaughterhouse. However, if you would like to buy any type of meat that is fully halal meat online, Wehalal is the surest source. 


Which chicken brand is halal in the USA?

If you ever doubt and you need to be sure if the brand of chicken that you just purchased is halal, here are a few brands and suppliers of certified halal meat you can look out for.


  • Deen Halal
  • Moda Halal
  • Arji Enterprise
  • A Countrywide Distributor
  • Teslo Frozen Chicken Ltd
  • Texas Halal Corporation
  • Fust American Sales
  • Burhantec International
  • Lebanese Butcher Slaughter House
  • Ets Foa Camco 
  • Guttenberg Farms, LLC 
  • Abbiatti Farms, and many others.

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