Deen Halal Beef Bacon

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  • A flavorful, beef alternative to pork bacon.
  • Real Select Wood Smoked.
  • 65 Slices
  • Only 6 ingredients!

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A flavorful, beef alternative to pork bacon. Real Select Wood Smoked. Only 6 ingredients!


Looking for a perfect alternative to regular bacon? Then Deen Halal Beef Bacon is the right choice for you. Tasty, delicious and clean cut, halal beef bacon is going to be loved by everyone in the family.

Deen halal Bacon is pefect for those who want to enjoy the taste of bacon but follow halal diet.

Whether you are looking for a protein packed breakfast or simply want to add some tasty addition to your favoruite dishes, Deen Halal Beef Bacon is perfect for you. It is easy to prepare as all you need to do is simply fry, grill or bake and you can enjoy the rich, meaty flavor of bacon

At Wehala, we take great pride in sourcing only premium halal beef and we beleive that quality and standard should never be compromised.

So, whether you’re a bacon lover following a halal diet or simply looking to try something new and delicious, Deen Halal Beef Bacon is the perfect choice.


Beef, Water, Salt, Brown Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, and Sodium phosphates

Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 200
Total Fat: 18g
Saturated Fat: 8g
Cholesterol: 45mg
Sodium: 530mg
Total Carbonhydrates: 0g
Protein: 9g
Iron: 4%

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Net Weight:


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  1. Pat (verified owner)

    I am happy to have found this company. The delivery was timely, and the beef bacon was worth of the price…. It beets Amazon by for the price.

    I will order from this company from now own.

    Deen Halal beef bacon and turkey are WONDERFUL 🤗❤️… it evens deliver to Texas..🤗🤗🤗

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  2. Gabriella L. (verified owner)

    Great healthy halal alternative to pork bacon! Great taste and flavor! Highly recommend this over the normal bacon ! Love it!

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  3. Heba M. (verified owner)

    We have found that we actually prefer beef bacon to regular. This has a nice flavor without being too salty. Package is a great size for a family! The texture may take a little getting used to as it’s quite thin and flat without the fat of regular bacon. overall a great taste I would recommend giving it a try!

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  4. Aisha S. (verified owner)

    Great Beef bacon! Crisped up nicely and love that it’s a healthier option that still tastes great and great bulk prices too!

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  5. Amal H. (verified owner)


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  6. Kylie H. (verified owner)

    Very tasty

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  7. Omar A. (verified owner)

    I prefer Beef Bacon as it’s not pork! It probably has just as much preservatives and salt as regular bacon but it still cooks up nicely and is very flavorful, as well as reasonably priced…I use it whenever I use bacon! Deen Halal Beef Bacon

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  8. Brent B. (verified owner)

    Very tasty & halal, I’m ordering more asap!

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  9. Camilla S. (verified owner)

    Trying to eat a little bit healthier having this beef bacon is very delicious and a lot better. It’s a favorite in our house

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  10. Na’ilah N. (verified owner)

    The taste is so so good! Better than regular bacon, lot more healthy and not too greasy

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  11. Sadia M. (verified owner)

    I am so unbelievably obsessed with beef bacon. I ALWAYS have it in my house and I eat beef bacon every day. I could eat it with every meal and for ever meal. I had some this morning and I’m planning on having some tomorrow morning as well. Literally cannot get better than this food and I HIGHLY recommend it!

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  12. Deena N. (verified owner)

    Turkey bacon is on my menu every week. This one is by far my favorite. I freeze part of the package and keep the rest in the fridge for the week. I also cook it in the air fryer and it is amazing!

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  13. Monal P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been on the hunt for tasty beef bacon and this was just perfect! I tried it from another halal online store and didn’t like it at all. This isn’t too salty either! Delicious with sandwiches and burritos! I could eat it everyday!

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  14. Ben G. (verified owner)

    Delicious! Never thought I would try beef bacon. Please add halal beef pepperoni so I can try that next time I order from WeHalal!

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  15. Susanne M. (verified owner)

    The bacon taste as expected, and will continue to buy them.

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  16. Jamila S. (verified owner)

    I do not eat much meat but this beef bacon from Deen Halal is the amazing. Such great flavor and I can easily eat it!

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  17. Danielle N. (verified owner)

    Very very good

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