when is black friday 2023

When is Black Friday 2023: Plus Best Halal Grocery to Shop 2023

Again, that time of the year is gradually approaching. The month of November of every year has something special for everyone: Black Friday. This is one of the biggest shopping events that is celebrated across the world.


As Black Friday is celebrated by millions of people around the globe, exploring shopping/retail stores to get goods at the most suitable deal marks it as one of the biggest global events, however, many still find it difficult to understand the whole idea of Black Friday.


In this comprehensive guide, we will expose you to all you crave to know concerning Black Friday 2023 and how you can utilize it for your benefit.


What is Black Friday?

One of the biggest and most exciting events that happens and is celebrated throughout the world is Black Friday. This special day is marked to appreciate customers/shoppers, allowing everyone to buy their favorite items at a cheaper rate.


So if you have that favorite item in mind but finding it hard to save up to buy it, Black Friday is coming to your rescue. Shouldn’t you be excited?!


Not only is Black Friday celebrated in the United States but also across many countries. However, in a country like the USA, this special day is often given a free no-work day, for all employees to go shop for what they require at a cheaper rate. 


The beauty of Black Friday involves people saving up from the first to the third quarter of the year so there would be enough cash to shop their favorite gadgets or foodstuff at a massive discount. Retailers also provide massive offers to customers, slashing prices of goods for a quick sold-out


For instance, if an item costs $200 before Black Friday sales, during Black Friday sales, it may be slashed by 50% meaning you will only have to pay half of the original price which will be $100, saving yourself $100 which can then be used to purchase some other favorable items. Cool right?



When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Fridays usually take place a day after Thanksgiving, the D-day of Black Friday then starts within the final weekend of November. A quick peep at the recent history of the year 2022, Thanksgiving fell on the 24th of November and Black Friday was celebrated the day after; the 25th of November.


For this year “2023” Black Friday sale is expected to begin on the 24th, the final Friday of November since Thanksgiving of this year falls on the 23rd of November. This special day is specifically for shopping items at the lowest rate. One can even take advantage and shop ahead of December’s celebrations and holiday needs.


How long does Black Friday last?

Not anymore are retailers bothered about the date and timeframe of Black Friday sales, some even offer Black Friday sales from the beginning when it started till every Friday until the year runs out.


However, as mentioned earlier, Officially, Black Friday sales begin on the weekend after Thanksgiving and end before the new week begins. After the timeframe for Black Friday elapses, Cyber Monday sales take over.


What is the Correlation Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

You must have heard that Black Friday is usually celebrated throughout the last weekend of November till Cyber Monday. Of course, it has been mentioned severally in this blog and might have got you tipped. What is Cyber Monday? Well, it will be explained.


Cyber Monday is similar to Black Friday. The only difference that pushes them apart is that, unlike Black Friday which is generally celebrated on a Friday and requires shoppers to go into retail stores, Cyber Monday is done online. However not as popular as Black Friday.


Most retail stores extend the sales of Black Friday to their digital stores to raise awareness for the coming in of Black Friday, thus outchancing the recognition of Cyber Monday.


So, if you missed out on going on a shopping spree during the Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday got you covered. Cyber Monday also gives an advantage for both busy individuals and ones who do not really like going out. Everyone can shop in the comfort of their home.


How to avoid Black Friday scams and fraud

As this glorious day approaches, it is important to also be cautious of scam sales. Have no idea how to get yourself topping the game? We’ve got you covered as we will provide you with tips on how to overcome the Black Friday scam.


Shopping on a Black Friday can be exciting, however, it is important to understand the ups and the downside of it.


Back in November 2021 to January 2022, it was announced by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that during bonanza and Christmas sales, a large number of customers got scammed out of £15.3m with an average loss of £1,000 per person.


It was recommended by NCSC to only make payments through secured payment platforms, such as PayPal, Google, or Apple Pay, as this will help safeguard one’s financial part of life. Below are more tips on how to avoid Black Friday sales scams:


#1. Shop with Trusted Retailers: The first thing you want to do before considering shopping on any site is ensure it is a well-known shopping site as this will build your confidence level.


Fortunately, Wehalal.co happens to be one of the most trusted online shopping sites in the Islamic space, offering Halal-certified products and delivery to various parts of the United States.


#2. Ensure quality before adding to cart: Some online shopping stores usually exchange original products for refurbished or fake-like products.


#3. Beware of expired or close-to-expiry products: Some online and physical shopping stores do this most of the time, wanting to quickly sell off products that are close to expiry. It is not a bad idea as it is yet to expire but beware of already expired goods.


Best Black Friday Deals 2023


If you missed 2022 Black Friday sales, try not to miss this year’s from Wehalal as the Black Friday sale will come along with more massive and jaw-dropping deals. Here are a few of a hundred things you can shop from Wehalal.


1: Halal Meat: Enjoy meat that meets all the Islamic dietary requirements at a wonderful discount. Wehalal offers frozen parts of halal chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, fish, and more. These meats went through the Dhabiha killing method, hygienically cleaned and neatly packed.


2: Halal Bacon: In alternative to pork-based bacon which is haram to Muslims, Wehalal offers turkey, chicken, and beef based bacon. This nicely sliced halal bacon comes with a unique taste that will deliciously explode your taste buds.


3: Halal Snacks: Snacks without guilt in mind with high-quality halal snacks that are made using only organically sourced ingredients with no saccharines or any extra harmful addictives. From cookies and shortbreads to chips, you can get any snack.


4: Halal Candy and Chocolate: Get an all-in-one box of chocolate at a reduced price during 2023 Black Friday on Wehalal.co This online shopping site offers a wide category specifically dedicated to healthy candies and chocolates.


5: Halal Marshmallow: Marshmallow is a delicious type of snack that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Wehalal is offering massive discounts on all brands and flavors of marshmallows this coming Black Friday, so stay tuned and restock at a discounted price.


6: Halal Beverages: Brighten up your day with a well-blended beverage. Wehalal offers halal-certified beverages for beverage lovers and can be shopped at an impressive discount. Shop for your favorite blend of coffee, green or black tea, non-alcoholic wine, and more. 


7: Islamic Books: Looking to expand your knowledge and view about Islam? The collections of books made in place feature a wide variety of books including the Quran, Hadith, Islamic Studies, Hajj & Umrah, Arabic, Belief & Afterlife, Biography, books for children, books about companions (Sahabah), and many more. You can shop in bulk or unit and get a massive discount.


9: Halal Supplements: Boost your body’s performance and immune system with a plant-based multivitamin. Wehalal offers halal supplements that are formulated with zero-percent animal-derived ingredients, and are so active at fighting bad cells in the body. Get them all at a cool distance.



During this 2023 Black Friday sale, wehalal is offering a massive slash on all of its products. Get more than 50% discount on every categories on Wehalal including, candies, chocolates, chips, halal meat, halal meat-based bacon, non-alcoholic drinks, and many more.


So what are you waiting for? Click here and explore halal grocery online shopping site both now and during November Black Friday to get massive shopping discounts.


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