Wellmade White Marshmallows


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  • Made with Halal Beef Gelatin
  • Great for Bonfires
  • Size: 5.3 oz

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Why is Gelatin Added to Marshmallows? 

Gelatin is incredibly important to the process because it’s what gives marshmallows that fluffy, elastic, squishy texture. Food scientists say that when all the ingredients are whipped together, gelatin essentially acts to bind liquid into the mixture. That creates the fluffy foam that becomes your marshmallow, which also acts to extend the shelf life of the product. Marshmallows have a shelf life of up to 24 months and still be perfectly fine and fresh!

When it comes to halal marshmallows instead of gelatin that is derived from pork, the gelatin is sourced from cow proteins instead! This small step is the difference between being able to enjoy the snack for many muslims who follow halal life standards.

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  1. Nawal G.

    Me & my kids LOVE THEM!! My kids always put it in their chocolate milk. I’m happy I can now find halal marshmallows easily on WeHalal. Simply put I love it!!

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  2. Meena E.

    My whole family loved these halal marshmallows their chewy flavorful and mainly halal..will surely recommend these yummy marshmallows.

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  3. Rabia H.

    It’s sooooo nice to have a marshmallow brand that’s HALAL, it tastes like what normal marshmallows taste like (according to a close friend of mine) and I always love using these to make some delicious s’mores ????

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  4. Danya I.

    This is a great product. My kids don’t have to feel different and I feel comfortable feeding them 100% pork-free products . Marshmallows taste great. Super fast shipping as well.

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  5. Aafiyah M.

    Taste better than other marshmallows. Maybe because of the ingredients. But they’re really good. Not too sweet either, and they have a great texture.

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  6. Yusra O.

    So good!! These are by far my favorite halal marshmallows! We make rice krispy treats as well! Lol we ordered a whole box, it’s hit with Muslims and non-Muslims.

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  7. Amal M.

    These marshmallows are so perfect for a campfire! They are super soft and have the best texture! I am always so impressed with the taste and the price! So yummy! And the size of the bag is incredible <3 🙂

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  8. Ziyad E.

    Love them. Amazing. Best halal option on the market for this product and the most affordable.

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  9. Mina S.

    They melts awesome for making some smores but as any marshmallow, don’t let it too much time in the fridge.
    The price is pretty good also, not bad for halal candies.

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  10. Mo M.

    My son loves these. should have purchased more but will be purchasing again.

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  11. Ehsan D.

    Love these marshmallows. It’s pretty hard to find only at certain stores sell these halal marshmallows. Love the flavor and i make s’mores or pop them in got chocolate during the winter time. It’s not expensive at all.

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