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20 Awesome Halal Food Blogs to Follow 2023 [Graded and Ranked]

What top halal food blogger do you follow in 2023?

The internet and your social media feed might be flooded with thousands of food recipes to try, but the chances are if you only eat Halal, then it is possible that you are not finding the perfect food recipe for your Muslim family.

As a Muslim family, finding a top halal food blogger with recipes that understand your feeding needs is what’s best for you. That is because these bloggers are also Muslim and they know halal meals should be prepared in a special way.

Before, finding food bloggers who only eat a certain meal because of their lifestyle choices and religious reasons was a struggle, but not anymore. Thanks to this article, you are about to have enough Halal recipes to last you.

This is our list of top halal food blogger to follow in 2023, on their blogs you can find an extensive list of halal food recipes that are fun to prepare but also caters to your religious needs.


How Did We Arrive At Our List:

We started with a list of over 124 halal food blogs but through careful analysis, we present to you our top 19 halal food bloggers. These blogs were choosen not only for their consistency but mainly for the value of articles they published. We also looked at their website rating, traffic and combined this with user review rating to come up with a score.

Congratulations to our winners. Here is a badge to show off your award.

top halal food bloggers

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20 Top Halal Food Blogger Of 2023


  1. The Odehlicious
  2. Najma Foods
  3. Fun Cooking
  4. Yummy Food
  5. This Muslim Girl Bakes
  6. Chef In Disguise
  7. Hungry Hijabi
  8. Halal Food Guy
  9. We Halal
  10. The Halal Food Blog
  11. HalalFoodHunt
  12. Halal Girl About Town
  13. My Big Fat Halal Blog
  14. Halalicious
  15. VKeong
  16. Johor Kaki
  17. AnakJajan
  18. Batamliciouz
  19. A Halal Food Journey
  20. The Halal Eater



1: The Odehlicious


Saif Al Deen Odeh is a Jordanian Filipino who was born in Kuwait and currently resides in the Philippines. He is a Physical Therapist who loves to make and eat delicious food. Saif’s love for cooking began at the age of 12, from his Jordanian father and Filipino mother who are both skilled cooks.

The Odehlicious blog is focused solely on Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Filipino and Asian Cuisine that are Halal. His blog is a core Halal platform because his recipes do not contain Alcohol or Pork meat, as he too is a muslim.

Saif shares dishes from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian (Indian, Malaysian, Thailand, etc) cuisine, which are popular with halal eaters.

Website: The Odehlicious

Instagram: @theodehlicious



2: Najma Foods


Najma Foods is opening up halal eaters to a world of flavour, one recipe at a time. There has been a change in people’s, which in turn led to a decrease in home cooking.

And because people don’t have time to think up what they’ll eat or get the right foods, this blog exists to make discovering new flavours a bit easier. Najma wants people to be inspired by Halal products and they have an exciting range of meals to for halal eaters to choose from.

Website: Najma Foods

Instagram: @najmafoods



3: Fun Cooking


The Fun Cooking blog was created by Aini Amin a food blogger who lives in Warrington, UK. She loves to cook and creates the recipes which she puts up on her blog for readers.

Aini started Fun Cooking to share her passion for cooking through her little adventures in the kitchen.

The reicpes on her blog are culled from what she cooks daily for her family, and halal eaters can confidently try them. Her website is transparent and all the foods are made with halal ingredients. Aini doesn’t cook what she doesn’t eat.

Website: Fun Cooking

Facebook: Fun cooking



4: Yummy Food

Lubna Karim is a passionate blogger who has been sharing her love for cooking and reading since 2008. Her blog, Yummy Food, is filled with a wide variety of delicious recipes that are both quick to prepare and delightful to eat. The recipes featured on her blog are halal, easy to follow, and can easily be incorporated into any meal or diet plan.

Lubna’s journey as a food blogger began when she moved to Bangalore as a newlywed. Feeling homesick and yearning for her mom’s cooking, she started Yummy Food with a simple goal in mind: to add love to every recipe and make it truly mouthwatering. Armed with a small handwritten book filled with cherished recipes from her mother, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, Lubna embarked on her culinary adventure.

Website: Yummy Food

Instagram: @lubnakarim06 



5: This Muslim Girl Bakes


Faatimah created This Muslim Girl Bakes to talk about food and share her latest recipes with readers. On her blog you’ll find detailed recipes for preparing sweet and savoury halal dishes.

The creator of This Muslim Girl Bakes, likes to put a halal spin on various types of cuisine. And since her family is originally from Pakistan, readers will find lots of traditional Pakistani food here.

Being born and raised in England, Faatimah also shares English recipes. But she specialises in preparing new dishes in a Halal way.

Website: This Muslim Girl Bakes

Instagram: @thismuslimgirlbakes



6: Chef In Disguise



Chef In Disguise belongs to Sawsan, an orthodontist who is now a passionate food explorer. She is a Palestinian who was born in Jenin, but raised in Amman (Jordan).

On Chef In Disguise she shares easy authentic middle eastern recipes, including family favourites from across the globe. When halal eaters try her recipes, they’ll get taste life in the middle east, the culture, and famous landmarks.

They’ll also find Italian and Mexican cuisines which are the personal favourites of Sawsan. This Halal food blogger has explored an exhaustive list of cuisines and set to explore even more on her journey.

Website: Chef In Disguise

Instagram: @chefindisguise



7: Hungry Hijabi


Hungry Hijabi is mainly a bengali, kiddie food, and British asian blog. The writer and recipe developer’s recipes comes from her love for diverse foods and growing up watching a ton of television cookery programs, including date nights with her husband before the kids came.

On the blog, The Hungry Hijabi shares traditional and authentic recipes with her Hungry Husband. You’ll find an array of vegan, organic, paleo, and gluten-free recipes.

Website: Hungry Hijabi

Instagram: @hungryhijabi



8: Halal Food Guy


The Halal Food Guy is a creative professional working in film and media for over 15 years as a motion designer. He got into food blogging in 2013, when he made a list of all the places he had eaten. He then began to write short reviews on halal restaurants using the Zomato website.

Food Guy later set up his own website, started taking pictures of food and created an Instagram page that grew.

This blogger lives in London, North East where there is lots of Halal food. He makes it mission to discover more exciting halal recipes that aren’t just restricted to the regular curry, or halal fried chicken.

Website: Halal Food Guy

Instagram: @halalfoodguy



9: WeHalal


WeHalal is centered around bringing audience premium quality food products from around the globe to their doorstep. They partner with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and people that have passion for making a positive impact.

This Halal food blog fulfills a marketplace for people who love halal products. They also collaborate with local grocery stores, Mom and Pop stores, and small businesses looking to grow their online presence.

Website: WeHalal




10: The Halal Food Blog


Singapore’s first halal food blog, the Halal Food Blog was created by Adam Shah, who has been blogging since June 2012. The blog was first created at a time when it was difficult to find halal restaurants which didn’t serve Malay cuisine.

The Halal Food Blog became and has since remained a valuable resource for Muslims living in Singapore. With over 700 blog posts over the years, Adam reviews various kinds of eateries.

The blog has gained recognition, appearing on local TV programmes, radio and print too. It has grown over the years.

Website: The Halal Food Blog

Instagram: @thehalalfoodblog




11: Halal Food Hunt


Co-founded in 2013, the HalalFoodHunt is run by Jumaiyah and her all-female team. They exceed the boundaries of halal food blogging by going the extra mile to ensure that muslims get all the meal resources they need. This blog puts “Halal First, Everything Else Later”.

Jumaiyah verifies the identity of every establishment before listing it on their directory. She first verifies its halal status with their own verification system. Afterwards, they review the establishments and shares it with readers.

Besides listing Halal based restaurants, the HalalFoodHunt also produces content that educates muslim and non-muslim readers alike. The creator aims to foster a community that can make its decisions about halal.

Website: Halal Food Hunt

Instagram: @halalfoodhunt



12: Halal Girl About Town


10 years ago, Layla Hassanali embarked on a mission to find restaurants around London that catered for halal and still offered something different, because she was tired of repeating the same type of halal food.

After getting endless phone calls, handwritten letters, countless emails, and walking to find out the halal status of a restaurant, Halal Girl About Town (HGAT) was created.

From being a blog to a journal of the creator’s findings of thrilling new food and travel finds, HGAT has today become UK’s biggest halal food and travel website committed to finding the best halal restaurants in the UK, muslim-friendly travel destinations, etc.

Website: Halal Girl About Town

Instagram: @mymodestmama



13: My Big Fat Halal Blog


My Big Fat Halal Blog was created by Ayesha. On her blog, muslims can find reviews about halal restaurant reviews, recipes, and travel guides. She documents all her halal adventures around London and beyond.

Website: My Big Fat Halal Blog

Instagram: @mybigfathalalblog_



14: Haloodies


Haloodies says they are more than just food and instead represent a new way of thinking. This business / blog is a part of a revolution of young second and third generation Britihs Muslims who are comfortable and proud of their diverse identity.

The blog was established 7 years ago to connect halal foodies across the globe and together they can enjoy hala deliciacies. Today they are the most trusted halal food brands in the marketplace.

Website: Haloodies

Instagram: @haloodies



15: VKeong


By the day, Vkeong is a full-time programmer and by night he is a food blogger. This platform is one of Malaysia’s biggest food blog. And although the creator lives in Kuala Lumpur, he also review restaurants from Penang, Melaka and beyond.

Vkeong is particulary famous for reviewing Malaysia’s street and hawker food, even the ones that are remote. He provides food guides which first time visitors can find helpful.

Website: VKeong

Instagram: @vkeong_



16: Johor Kaki


Johor Kakai was founded by Tony Boey who lives in Singapore, and is another big name in the halal food industry. Tony like most Singaporeans loves taking trips to discover Johor’s best food.

He has proven to be a skilled food blogger and has won titles like Malaysia Tourism Ministry Best Malaysia Food Blog 2013 and Singapore Blog Awards Best Food Blog in 2013 and 2014.

Website: Johor Kaki

Instagram: @johorkaki



17: AnakJajan


AnakJajan is managed by husband and wife Marius Tjenderasa and Julia Veronica who are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Marius takes the photos while Julie edits and writes.

They are one of Indonesia’s most influential food blogs, winning nine blog awards like “Blogger of the Year ”, winner for the RCTI Social Media Award and Inluence Asia 2017 (Food Category).

While they mostly review food spots in Jakarta, AnakJajan also reviews food in Bali, Bandung, and Medan.

Website: AnakJajan

Instagram: @anakjajan



18: Batamliciouz



Batamliciouz is run by Chandra, a Batam local who started the blog in February 2015. He has 4 years of blogging experience under his belt and done more than a hundred food reviews. Chandra loves to post honest food reviews, earning him the spot of Batam’s number on food blog.

Website: Batamliciouz

Instagram: @batamliciouz



19: A Halal Food Journey


A Halal Food Journey began on Instagram with a mission to fill the gap in Yorkshire’s Halal food scene of honest reviews and recommendations. It successfully expanded into local and national travel experiences to serve loyal readers and become the first point of call for them.

The blog wants to inspire and encourage Muslim travellers to explore the world by sharing outstanding locations and destinations they wouldn’t have known were accessible to them.

Website: A Halal Food Journey

Instagram: @ahalalfoodjourney




20: The Halal Eater


The Halal Eater is a halal-centered food blog that gives reviews of restaurants and serves as a food guide for people in Singapore and other locations in the Far East, like Korea and Bali.

This blog also doubles down as a news and lifestyle publication that creates informative and engaging coverage of what’s halal and happening in Singapore, Tampines to Tuas, and in between.


Website: The Halal Eater

Instagram: @thehalaleater


Next time you looking for helpful food reviews, want to switch up your meal plan, or try something new, don’t forget to check any of these 19 top halal food blogger to follow in 2023.


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