is turkey halal

Is Turkey Halal? Should Muslims Eat Turkey

Can Muslims eat turkey?


More importantly, is turkey halal, and how do I, as a Muslim, know it is halal to consume turkey?


In this article, we will answer this question.


Turkey, which falls under the category of bird/poultry, has always been a delicious meat enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.


When it comes to knowing Turkey’s halal status, it becomes important to know whether or not it is halal in Islam and why.


If you are a Muslim or newly converted, and you want to know if poultry like turkey is permissible for consumption, this blog is for you.

In this blog, everything you need to know concerning the halal status of Turkey will be explained.


Key Takeaway:

  • All poultry is halal, and this includes Turkey
  • Turkey is considered halal because it is a domestic animal
  • Turkey does not possess all the attributes that can make it haram, attributes such as talons, eating carrions, or being forbidden to eat.
  • However, turkey can be haram if it is not raised or slaughtered following the Dhabihah law

Understanding Halal

Before proceeding with this blog, you must understand the meaning of halal, which will be explained now.


Halal is an Arabic term that translates to “permissible” in English. This means any food, be it beverage, meat, or any other food, must adhere to Islamic dietary standards before it can be consumable by a Muslim. On the other hand, haram, which is the opposite of halal, means prohibited.

Is Turkey Halal?

The straight answer is YES. Not only turkey but all poultry is halal; this includes chickens, ducks, pigeons, guinea fowl, and quail.


Turkey is considered halal because it is a domestic animal and does not possess all the attributes that can make it haram, attributes such as talons, eating carrions, or being forbidden to eat.


So if you are a Muslim and have been wondering if it is safe to eat turkey, you can grab one from a halal store close to you and enjoy it.


Meanwhile, turkey can become haram if not raised or slaughtered following Islamic law (Dhabihah), and also it becomes haram if any haram substance or ingredients (Najis) is added while cooking it. This includes spice from haram animals like pork, dog, or alcohol.


Measures to take when cooking

The best thing to do when cooking a halal bird like turkey is to make sure you are doing it correctly and accordingly, following Islamic dietary law. Your cooking area and all cooking equipment must be hygienically clean and free from harmful substances.


Why Is Turkey Considered Halal?

The Messenger of Allah’s cousin Ibn ‘Abbas reported the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, forbidden to you are wild animals with fangs and birds that eat carrions or have talons.


This made it a prohibition to eat animals like dogs, cats, snakes, lions, and other animals that are wild or have fangs and also prohibits Muslims from eating birds with talons or eat carrions, such as hawks, eagles, sparrows, vultures, and others.


Also, off-putting birds, such as bats, are considered haram and should never be eaten or used as a provision for food, ingredients, or medicine because they are ritually unclean and may be poisonous.


This makes Turkey, a bird that does not possess all these forbidden attributes, permissible to be eaten and enjoyed by Muslims.


Dhabihah: Slaughtering Guidelines

Islamic dietary laws emphasize specific guidelines for the slaughtering process to ensure halal status. The slaughtering method, known as “Zabiha” or “Dhabiha,” is believed to be the best killing process for land animals with blood running in their body, and it also makes meat eating safe for humans.


This process requires the animal to be alive at the time of slaughter. The butcher must invoke the name of Allah (God) and seek blessing before cutting, and the blood must be completely drained from the body. 


When these guidelines are followed during turkey slaughtering, it is considered halal. On the other hand, turkeys that are killed based on factory processes, such as suffocating them before killing, poisoning, using stun guns, or using any other inhumane practices, are considered haram.


Why Is Halal So Important To Muslims?

Over the decades, Muslims and other religions have channeled their love to indulging only in halal foods for certain health reasons. For meat some Christians enjoy eating halal-based meat. Many reported that regular meat’s taste is nowhere near the delicious taste of halal meat.


Halal foods are trusted to be clean and healthy, and they help promote good health and free the body from potential illnesses that may be contracted through eating unhealthy foods.


Halal foods are not a cult or bad things. It is foods that are processed hygienically for human consumption, regardless of religion or beliefs. From organic plants to animals and foods, halal foods are prepared without the use of harmful or unhealthy substances.


If you are the type of person who takes pride in healthy eating, then Halal food is for you. The concept of halal food will not only get you surprised but also encourage you and your family to indulge in it.


Furthermore, halal meat and other foods have been reported to be tastier and free from harmful bacteria. They contain no preservatives, no alcohol, or other poisonous chemicals. They are the best way to promote healthy living and strengthen the immune system.


How To Know If Turkey Is Halal?

Turkey is prominent in diverse culinary traditions, especially during festive occasions and celebrations. Many cultures have developed delicious turkey-based recipes that conform to halal principles.


By understanding the concept of halal and being aware of its associated guidelines, Muslims can make informed choices about consuming turkey meat.


As Muslims navigate their dietary choices, including turkey consumption, the best thing to do as a Muslim is to prioritize sourcing from reputable suppliers who adhere to halal standards and understand its importance. This way, you are sure the turkey you eat is from a halal farmer or supplier.


Buying already cooked or grilled turkey from a food outlet or restaurant can be challenging. The best advice is to research the place you are buying from. Ensure they only serve or sell halal foods, or look out for halal-based restaurants or online stores. 


Where to Buy Halal Turkey Online

Now that we know turkey is halal, the next question you may have is, “Where to buy turkey online”?

Larger cities with a large Muslim population may have butchers, but there are no reasons to start looking for butchers or leaving the comfort of your home. You can order Halal turkey online at Wehalal with just a click of a button.



To sum it up, the question of whether Turkey is halal has been answered. It is halal if it is raised following Islamic law and should be slaughtered using the dhabiha or zabiha killing method, and must also be prepared without using any haram ingredients to make it fully permissible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is eating Turkey halal?

Yes, as long as no haram spices or ingredients are used in marinating it.


Can I eat Turkey that was cooked with pork?

No. It is haram and should never be eaten. Any haram food that is cooked with haram food is cross-contaminated and, therefore, prohibited.


Can I use halal Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Yes. It is safe for Thanksgiving and other festive feasts or parties.

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