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Where Can I Buy Halal Nail Polish? Buying Guide 2023

Nail polishing is one of the major elements that complement the beauty of the fingers, and women in general. In Muslim communities where religion and traditional beliefs hold massive significance, it becomes essential to use beauty products that align with religious and ethical values.


Halal nail polishes have taken over the cosmetics industry in recent years. This innovation brought solutions for Muslim women who seek to express their style while sticking to their faith’s principles, and not only limited to Muslim women.


In this blog, we will expose you to the halal status that surrounds nail polishes as well as it is important to choose halal nail polish over regular nail polish. 


Key Takeaway:


  • Halal nail polish is the perfect companion for the nails of Muslim women, they are made to beautify the nail without conflicting with faith
  • Halal nail polish is designed to be breathable and permeable to water, making it perfect for ablution as the water gets to touch the nails
  • Wehalal offers the best quality of halal nail polishes, and are available in different colors and shades


Understanding Halal Nail Polish

Many doubts about the halal status of the invention of halal nail polishes, but the surprising fact is that they are real! 


Yes. Just like Hennan is used as a cosmetics to beautify the hand and fingernails, so as the invention of halal nail polish allows for beautifying the fingernails.


Just like other nail polishes but halal nail polishes are formulated specially. 


A way that made it more hygienic, breathable, and 100% permeable to water. Halal nail polish features the mixtures of premium ingredients without the use of alcohol or harsh ingredients like porcine, or any other animal-derived ingredients.


Where to Buy Halal-certified Nail Polish

Wehalal is your go-to destination in terms of getting breathable and permeable nail polish. At Wehalal’s online shopping site, you can shop for varieties of halal nail polish colors, including black, white, pink, and more. 


These polishes offer a harmonious blend of beauty and spirituality, following Islamic law and catering to the needs of fashion-conscious individuals who value both appearance and religious observance. Our halal nail polish guarantees precise and brilliant color conflicting with faith.


Some Halal Nail Polishes to Buy on Wehalal


Benefits of Halal Nail Polish

#1. It offers a significant social impact

Women love to maintain an elegant spirit. The advent of breathable nail polish brought the solution to the Islamic fashion industry.


Since it is important to purify the body with water (ablution/wudu) before praying, it becomes a necessity to utilize breathable nail polishes if you are the type who loves to present fingernails in style. Breathable nail paint allows oxygen and water to reach the bed of your fingernails.


#2. Zero toxic chemicals

Unlike dangerous traditional nail polishes which are mostly formulated with toxic chemicals, breathable nail polishes are produced way better. They are made without the inclusion of strong chemicals such as Parabens, Xylene, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, and more.


#3. It is easy to apply

It is hard to see a traditional nail paint grip easily on oily nails, they often peel off and cause ugly chipping on the finger.


Except for letting air and water get to the finger, breathable nail polish also grips perfectly to nails and appears even more colorful and brilliant. You even do not need a base coat to get a polish to sit perfectly on your finger.


#4. Dries quickly

Since it allows water and oxygen to pass through, breathable nail polish sits nicely on the fingernail and dries up quickly.


Why is it Importance to Use Halal Nail Polish?

In Islam, water needs to touch every physical mandatory part of the body, most especially the nails, while performing ablution (wudu).


Traditional nail polish often contains substances that create a boundary, a waterproof type of boundary that prevents water from reaching the nails during ablution (wudu), this making it essential to avoid wearing traditional nail polish on the nail.


Halal nail polish is designed to be ethical and porous, allowing water to pass through to the nails, ensuring that Muslims can maintain their ritual purity without compromising on style.


They are 100% breathable and permeable. One of the thrilling experience of this new invention is that unlike Henan which only provides a  few shade, halal nail polish come in varieties of color.


Why Choose Wehalal for Halal Nail Polish?

Why should you trust us? Apart from offering 100% halal-certified products that are formulated without the inclusion of unlawful ingredients, at Wehalal, it is our pride to make sure customers are satisfied with what we offer.


How we ensure the best quality refers to the hard work we invest in sourcing for the best among the crowd. We understand the importance of halal and which is why we source from manufacturers who also understand the importance of halal.


We offer arrays of colors, from classic shades to trendy hues. Even though they are permeable to water, they still last longer and ensure individuals enjoy beautifully manicured nails without the worry of chipping or fading.


Can I Pray Wearing Halal Nail Polish?

Yes. Halal nail polish is designed ready for ablution and prayer. Halal nail polish is perfect for Muslim women who love to present their fingernails with style. These polishes are permissible and can be worn to worship.


At Wehalal, we offer durable, light, and breathable nail polishes that allow water to touch your finger when doing ablution, making it possible to explore your fashion sense without conflicting with your faith.



Halal nail polish is a testament to the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, where diversity, inclusivity, and ethical considerations take center stage. This innovative product allows Muslim women to harmonize their faith with their fashion choices, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity.


As halal nail polish continues to gain popularity, it not only transforms the way beauty is perceived but also enriches the lives of individuals by offering a bridge between style and spirituality.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1: Which Nail Polish is Haram?

In Islam, the use of unlawful ingredients in cosmetics is unacceptable. Traditional nail polish is often made with the inclusive of alcohol-based ingredients, or haram animal byproducts. Any cosmetics with these types of ingredients are considered haram.


2: Can Ablution be Done with Traditional Nail Polish?

No, traditional nails are not allowed to be worn for ablution (wudu), or prayers because they contain haram ingredients. Another reason why you can’t wear traditional nail polish to pray or to perform ablution is that they contain ingredients that create a barrier, not allowing water to get to the bed of the nail.


3: What is a Breathable Nail Polish?

Halal nail polishes are often referred to as breathable nail polish. This type of nail polish allows oxygen to easily pass through the nail coat. Breathable nail polish is another word for halal nail polish.


4: Is Peel-Off Nail Polish Halal?

No. Not all peel-off nail polishes are halal. Some may contain a small quantity of alcohol or animal byproducts, making them impermissible.


5: Is Vegan Nail Paints the Same as Halal?

No. Many mistakes vegan paint for halal nail paints, however, they are two different things. A nail paint may be vegan but does not necessarily means it is qualified to be halal.

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