We work together.

WeHalal seeks to to bring you the highest quality food products from around the world to your doorstep. We work side by side with entrepreneurs , visionaries, & people passionate about making a positive impact.


Our Mission

It’s bigger then just being an online marketplace, rather a diverse community meant to serve, inspire, and represent different cultures and cuisines from all around the world. For every snack box purchased, we donate an essential snack box to those who are less fortunate. Although, we cannot end world hunger with snacks, this is the start of the journey.

Our Vision

Grow local. Give back global. More then 820 million people globally face challenges of poverty and malnutrition. WeHalal seeks to to tap in the 2.5 billion network of Muslims all around the world to serve the community at large. Whether it’s working with our leading suppliers oversees or local non-profits our goal is to utilize our supply chains to distribute food across the globe. To begin, every beginning Sunday of the month we hand out breakfast boxes to those less fortunate in downtown starting in October 2020.

Our Products

WeHalal was created to help fulfill a marketplace for people of all backgrounds who want and love halal products. We strive to become the world’s largest halal store by partnering with local grocery stores, Mom and Pop stores, and small businesses who would like to expand their online presence.

Interested in working with us? Contact us at info@3vn.fc8.myftpupload.comm

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