Canary Red Lentil

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  • Premium Red Lentils
  • Ideal for soups and salads
  • Very popular amongst Middle Eastern and Indian Cuisines
  • Size: 24 oz

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Lentils are made up of over 25% protein, which makes them an excellent meat alternative. They’re also a great source of iron, a mineral that is sometimes lacking in vegetarian diets.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Red Lentils

Lower Cholesterol

Soluble fiber found in red lentils binds to “bad” cholesterol and helps our body excrete it through bile acids. This helps to lower our cholesterol, which helps keep our heart healthy by reducing the risk for Atherosclerotic plaque. (That’s the plaque that builds up in your arteries and raises your blood pressure!)

Important for Red Blood Cells

Red lentils have a significant amount of folate. Folate is a common B Vitamin which helps form red blood cells in our blood. When folate deficiency occurs, it can cause Megaloblastic anemia, the failure to divide into red blood cells because of the lack of folate.

Improve Digestion

The insoluble fiber found in red lentils passes through our digestive system without being absorbed and provides bulk. This increases gastric motility, which means the rate at which we digest increases. Red lentils can make you more regular.

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