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Decors are the furnishing and decoration that makes our rooms look elegant and welcoming for ourselves and our guests. Our rooms are incomplete without furnishing and beautification, adding artistic home decor can deliver an aesthetic appeal to your home.  

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  Wehalal offers Islamic decors that add beauty and spirituality into our homes, we understand the need when it comes to adding an artistic reputation to our home. That is why we offer a wide range of home decorations on our user-friendly web interface. Whether we want to beautify the wall using all art, crescents for the roof, throw pillow covers for beautifying the chair, table decorations, and more.    On our website, you will find the perfect decor that will suit your room wall, a well-crafted metal Ayatul Kursi Falaq and Metal Shiny Large Ayatul Kursi can be a nice option to pick, or Bluetooth Quran Speaker LED Moon Lamp, Eid Mubarak Block Sign decoration for the table, and many others. You can as well get a Ramadan throw pillow cover just to give the feeling of the blessed and holy month.   Our other decorations include an Indigo & Metallic Gold Eid Doorway Curtain, Arabic Gold SculpturesEid Lantern, Eid Mubarak Block Sign. In addition to what we offer our customers, we bring you Al Kaaba Premium Prayer Mat, Bab Al Kaaba Prayer Mat, and a digital prayer clock from Kaaba Azan Prayer Clock

Best Halal Home Decoration Online

You don't have to break the bank before decorating your home to your desired taste. With a few simple items, it's easy to breathe new life into a room. Browse an extensive range of home decor items online at Konga and enjoy guaranteed lowest prices. For your living room, we have exotic wall decors and wall art that can add some aesthetics to your apartment, you can also pick up some affordable picture frames at amazing discounts.
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