Secret History of Oud – The Smell of Luxury

Oud is becoming increasingly popular as a scent. Oud, also known as Oudh or Gyranthus, is a rare and precious fragrance derived from Agarwood, a dark resinous heartwood that forms when Aquilaria trees are infected with parasitic mold. 


Oud wood is prized for its distinct aroma and long-lasting properties, and its use in incense and perfumes. In past decades it was used in religious rituals for its deep, earthy scent. In this article, we’ll talk about its origin, scents, types, and uses.


history of oud




Origin of Oud


In the history of perfumery, Oud is believed to be the most expensive of all scented ingredients. It’s not unusual for a single ounce of oil to cost over $10,000! Oud comes from a rare type of parasitic mold that infects trees in Southeast Asia. 


The trees produce an aromatic resin in reaction to the mold, which causes a darkening of the wood and a distinct scent. It can take 20 years for an Aquilaria tree to develop the heartwood necessary to create oud entirely. 


The smell of oud can vary depending on where it’s harvested and how it’s aged after harvesting. The resin is often absorbed by other materials, such as bamboo or sandalwood.


Scents of Oud


Oud has a distinct scent and is hard to describe. It’s not floral, and it’s not spicy, but rather an earthy woodsy smell. Oud can also have notes of smokiness or leather, depending on its age and where it’s from. 


There are many types of Oud based on the region in which it was produced, but most scents share a similar profile: deep and sweet, with an earthy base note. It goes well with other scents such as sandalwood, rose, agarwood, and others. Some varieties of scents include:


Oud Al Qasr: This type has notes of sandalwood for an almost powdery scent.

Oud Marocain: A Moroccan variety with notes of frankincense, ambergris, and patchouli.

Oud Royale: One of the most expensive scents globally, this Southeast Asian version has sandalwood and musk notes.

Oud Khus: This variety smells of sandalwood, cedar, and spices with a hint of apple.

Arabian oud: This type has notes of amber, cedar, and sandalwood.



oud india



Types of Oud


There are many types of Oud, most of which are named after the regions in which they were produced. The scent will vary depending on where it was harvested, how it was aged after harvesting, and any additives used. Some of the most popular types include:


Khmer Oud – Cambodia


This is considered one of the highest quality ouds, with a more refined and subtle scent than others. 


It is made by burying bamboo sticks inside Aquilaria trees for three months to up to two years, or even 20 years. The resulting oil smells similar to agarwood but not as concentrated.


oud roll on




Ubar Oud – Saudi Arabia (reportedly extinct)


This oud has a sweet and spicy scent.


Aloeswood Oud – Japan, Indonesia


A dark, rich, and mellow type of Oud oil with a mossy, earthy tone. It is made from the wood of Aquilaria trees buried for over 20 years before being harvested. The resulting oud oil smells similar to agarwood but not as concentrated.


oud thailand



Super Oud – Thailand, Malaysia 


This oud has a fruity, woody scent with spicy undertones. Its leaves are used in cooking and for aromatherapy.


Golden Oud – Thailand, Malaysia


The Golden Oud has a beautiful aroma that is both earthy and sweet. It is mighty and can be worn by both men and women.


Royal Oud – Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam


This type of oud smells milder than other types with aromatic notes of peppermint. It’s considered to have an excellent quality-to-price ratio because it’s light but long-lasting at the same time. Royals have been made from different species of Aquilaria trees growing in areas such as the Philippines, Indonesia, or Vietnam:



oud italian




Gyranthus Oud – India


Gyranthus is a rare type of Oud produced in the Northeast Indian state of Assam. It can reach 350-500$ per kg.


Bergamot Oud – Italy


Oud Bergamot is a rare type that combines woody-spicy notes with citrus. It has been named after the Italian word for bergamot orange because it smells like this fruit with hints of cedar and leather mixed with lemon or grapefruit. The scent isn’t too overwhelming and can be worn by both men and women.


Golden Champa Oud – India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos


This high-quality oud has rich notes of cypress, which balances out the sweet aroma of Champa flowers (jasmine flowers from Asia).


saudi oud




Spicy Aoud – Saudi Arabia


This incredibly spicy type of oud is the cheapest in the market because it’s made from leaves collected by Indian and Pakistani women who supply Aquilaria trees for people to dig out. The resulting oud oil smells similar to agarwood but not as concentrated.


Thaitanium Oud – Thailand, Vietnam


It has a sweet and light scent with notes of cedar and lime.


Javanicus – India, Nepal, Bangladesh (reportedly extinct)


This type of high-quality Oud has a powerful aroma that feels woody, spicy, and earthy at the same time. It starts smelling like wet soil then quickly settles to reveal its rich notes, including leather, cloves, and even smoky flavors. The scent will stay on your skin for days.







How To Use Oud As A Fragrance


You can use oud as a base note. This type of oud will be mixed with more subtle ingredients to create a luxurious aroma.


You can use it as an ingredient in the fragrance you’re creating.


In most cases, Oud is combined with other ingredients to form a fragrance. It’s one of the main components in many modern perfumes because it can be found in different forms and combinations.






Most Popular Type of Oud


Concentrated oil – Pure oud extract – this type of extract is the most concentrated form of oud in the world. Keep in

mind that it’s extremely powerful, so it should be diluted with carrier oils.


Oud fragrance oil – made by mixing pure Agarwood extract with a type of alcohol. It’s much cheaper than pure oud extract but can also have strong side effects if not diluted with carrier oils.


Oud chips are small, thin pieces of oud that can be placed in a diffuser for up to 24 hours.

You can mix five drops of concentrated oud extract with 20 ml of jojoba oil and apply this mixture to your skin. 


You can also use a few drops of pure oud oil or a combination of both on your skin every day.





If you prefer to wear oud as a fragrance, there are many ways to do it:


The stronger types should be diluted with carrier oils. You can dilute five ml of pure oud extract by mixing it with 20 ml of jojoba oil and using it as a fragrance.


Apply a few drops on the back of your neck, behind your ears, or on your wrists.


You can burn oud chips in an essential oil diffuser for at least eight hours to enjoy the benefits of this powerful type of fragrance throughout your home.


The scent of OUD is described as earthy with woodsy undertones, which makes this scent manly, in my opinion. 


Historically, Khmer men wore oud oil during critical events such as weddings or festivals. Oud oil is popular among monks who would apply it to their robes before attending prayer ceremonies. Oud oil is also used as a base for kyphi incense. Kyphi was an ancient Egyptian perfume often made for religious purposes or to prepare oneself before prayer.







Though some people find oud to have a masculine scent, you will love wearing oud oil on your skin, especially when you need to boost my self-confidence before an important event or meeting! 


Also, the fact that you can buy oud oil online makes this fragrance so much more convenient. 


Instead of spending hours at the store looking for your favorite type of oils, all you have to do is go to our market and browse through different ouds. We sell high-quality ouds with the best price and reviews.


In conclusion, Oud is a very spiritual fragrance that has many different purposes. It is famous as an oil to use in aromatherapy, cooking, and as a perfume ingredient. Oud can also be used as an incense during meditation or prayer ceremonies, such as Buddhists’.

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