Halal Sweet: Everything You Need To Know About Halal Sweets

Sweets are something that we all love to chew on because of their sweetness. However, according to Islam law, the sweets have to be halal for Muslims to eat them. 

Halal sweets or sweets, in general, have been a part of Muslim culture since the dawn of Islam. The fast spread of Islam caused a mix of different cultures to interact and create some of the best treats the world has seen. 

From Kunafa desserts of Palestine to Halal Candy from Turkey, finding halal sweets to enjoy is available to every person. 

Our dive into Halal sweets will cover only the tip of the Iceberg so will make sure to consistently update this article with new halal sweets!!




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What Are Halal Sweets?


For something to be halal, it has to be made using a process and ingredients that are halal. Many sweet manufacturers use gelatin as an ingredient in their sweets. Gelatin is a tasteless and colorless food ingredient that people get from collagen in certain animal parts.


A lot of sweets in the market contain pork gelatin. Every halal sweet either does not contain gelatin or contains only beef or vegetarian gelatin. Pork gelatin is completely haram. For the beef gelatin to be halal, the sweet manufacturers have to slaughter the animal in a halal way.


That means that they slaughter it by slitting its throat with a sharp knife while still alive for it to drain blood. They make that cut to the windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein. That means that the animal dies faster and in a peaceful way.


Draining the blood also ensures that the meat will not contain any blood. The slaughter is also accompanied by the people reading an Islamic prayer called “Bismillah.” Also, the people have to align the head of the animal with the “qiblah.”


The spine of the animal must not be snapped, and neither should the people slaughtering dismember the animal until they are sure it is fully dead. The slaughterers also have to ensure that the animal they use to get the gelatin was healthy during the time of its slaughter.


For sweets to be halal, they also have to be alcohol-free just as halal meats. The flavor of the sweets, however, does not make them either halal or haram. Most of them taste just like normal sweets, and the only difference is the ingredient list.


Why Do Sweets Need To Be Halal


One of the questions that a lot of people ask is why do sweets need to be halal if they have almost the same taste as the other regular ones. 


Sweets have to be halal so that they can comply with Islamic law and the Quran. They also comply with the dietary guidelines of Muslims.


Eating sweets that are halal ensures that the animals whose products people use to make the sweets die humanely.


halal sweets



Top Halal Sweets In The World


The religious world is becoming more diverse, and the Islamic religion is spreading in all places in the world. Therefore, sweet manufacturers have increased their production and delivery of halal sweets.


If you are a Muslim with a sweet tooth and are looking for some sweets, some of the best companies to look into include;


  1. Haribo Halal Gummies


This is one of the most popular brands when it comes to making halal gummy candies. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and one of the people tasked with making the sweets is an Orthodox Jew.


Therefore he is aware of all the dietary restrictions and also knows to make the sweets just as tasty as the rest. Kosher is one of the sweets types that he is responsible for making, and now he has the responsibility of making them halal.


In his new sweet recipe, there is no gelatin, and instead, he makes his gummy candies out of fruit juices. Also, he has eliminated all the flavors and colorings that contain alcohol since it is haram for Muslims to consume alcohol or any alcoholic products.


Some of the stores that stock Haribo sweets include Tesco, Asda, and Sainsbury. You can also find them in stalls and shops near a lot of mosques.


  1. Sweet zone


Sweetzone is a company that is mainly known in the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, its wide variety of bright and colorful sweets has made it increasingly popular.


Their sweets are all halal and are HMC certified, which makes them the producers of some of the top halal sweets in the world.


They make their foods using 100% halal gelatin, and they also avoid colors like E120, which could make the sweets haram. They have different types of sweets that are HMC certified, including chews, jelly sweets, marshmallows, licorice lines, and bubblegum.


They also have other different sweets that are 100% gelatin-free, making them vegetarian and halal. They include pencil jelly, rainbow belts, candy floss, party lollies, and rainbow pencils.


One of the main places where you can find sweet zone sweets is in Hancocks. This is one of the largest wholesale stores in the United Kingdom. There are 14 cash and carry stores all over the country that you walk into and buy your sweets.


You can also order the sweets, and they will deliver them to your doorstep. You could also find sweetzone sweets in a lot of Muslim stores and supermarkets around the world.



sweetzone halal



  1. One pound sweets


Just like the name illustrates, this store sells bundles of sweets for only one pound. One-pound sweets have over 28 types of halal and vegetarian sweets you can choose from, and they have a place designated for them on their website.


  1. Halal Sweets Company


This is a company committed to producing sweets that are in line with all the halal demands and requirements. Their dedication to being a Muslim-friendly business is seen in their sweet boxes that are perfect for eid, family, and aqueeqah, plus their original and unique Ramadan calendars.


They have mystery bags and boxes, sweet boxes, and pick and mix on their website, which makes it fun for you to shop for your sweets. They also have an option where you can fill one giant jar with up to 6 of their tasty candy flavors.


  1. Appleton sweets


Located in East London, Appleton Sweets is among the largest wholesalers who market halal and vegan sweets to people not only in the United Kingdom but also around the world. They have a wide variety of sweets that comply with all halal demands and requirements.


You will never run out of choices when shopping at Appleton Sweets because they always have about 100 products in stock.


You can order various types of sweets, and the company delivers them on time. They pack sweets from companies like Haribo, Barrettes, Teveners, Lutti, and Barratt.



Top American Halal Snacks!


If you are in the United States or anywhere in the world and are looking for some of the best sweets that comply with halal requirements from the American market, some of the sweets include;


haribo halal



  1. Airheads


These sweets have an eye-catching exterior packaging since the names are written using a metallic shine. They also come in a lot of different flavors, and there are enough variations for you and your family not to get bored.


They are also not too sour or sweet, giving them one of the rarest but appealing tastes. That also makes them perfect for you and even your children to enjoy.


  1. Ring pops


These long-lasting, tasty, and fun sweets have been around for a long time, and they still remain one of the best.


  1. Sour patch kids


Since its debut in the 80s, this sweet brand has remained in the front line of American sweet manufacturers. These sweets have a sour then sweet sensation when you put them in the mouth. They have a lot of flavors, such that you will never get bored of them.


They also make tasty and unique collaborations with other American sweet brands, which make them even better. They come in different vibrant colors too.



halal sweets



  1. Lemonheads


These sweets come in a box filled with candies of different vibrant colors and flavors. Some of the most interesting flavor combinations you will get when eating these sweets include peach-mango, kiwi-strawberry, berry-banana, cherry watermelon, and pink lemonade.


  1. Twizzlers


These are some of the most common sweets in all American sweet sites and sweet stores. They are famous because of their softness, sweetness, and friendliness to vegans.


They come in different colors, sizes, and flavors, making them a perfect snack for when you watch a movie or read a book.


  1. Swedish fish


Created by a Swedish company, these sweets come in the shape of fish, which makes them intriguing.


Before buying any sweets, you have to ensure that it has met all the requirements for it to be halal. To do that, you have to make sure that it is HMC certified.


The Halal Monitoring Committee investigates the sweets to ensure that all the products and processes used to make them are halal. It also ensures that they follow the Islamic dietary regulations and meet all the international laws.



halal twizzlers



You should also check all the ingredients and ensure that none of them is haram. You can also contact the manufacturer and ask how the animals whose products they used to make the sweets were grown and slaughtered.


You could also consult your religious leader and ask for some advice or ask around people who have eaten sweets that comply with halal requirements before.


To be on the safer side, always shop your sweets from trusted halal stores because the people selling understand the regulations better. From halal meat to deen halal bacon, you will find trusted sources on Wehalal.



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