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Is CBD Halal? Learn the Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects


Under Islamic law, they classify things as either halal or haram. That applies to items from foods, drinks, and even cosmetics.


If something is halal, that means that it is permitted for people to use or consume. However, if it is haram, Muslims are not supposed to use or consume it.


CBD is one of the things that has recently flooded the market, with almost everyone globally knowing about it and its numerous said health benefits.


However, it brought a lot of controversies among the Islam community about whether or not it was a halal item for use mainly because of its origin and its effect when taken.


What Is CBD?


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the compounds extracted from hemp and marijuana plants. Besides CBD, there are many other compounds found in those plants. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, and people use it for a lot of different health benefits.


You can find CBD in many products like CBD oil, tinctures, capsules, gummies, edibles, and CBD water. All those CBD products have different ways of consumption, and they offer different levels of health benefits.


Flavonoids and terpenes are some other compounds found in these plants. Flavonoids give the plants their color, while terpenes give them the aroma.


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is another compound found in plants. This is the compound that spiked many discussions and controversies as to whether CBD should be haram or halal. That is because it contains psychoactive properties.



cbd halal

What Is Halal CBD?


CBD is considered halal because it is a plant extract like other extracts, for example, essential oils. However, for CBD and CBD products to be halal, they have to be free of THC.


The CBD mainly found in the market contains 0.3% of THC, which is the legal level. However, that is enough to make you feel ‘high,’ which could sometimes lead to some people referring it to haram. However, some people consider it halal because the THC amounts are negligible.


But are CBD-infused products haram or halal? Sometimes that is not clear, and it depends on the products. You have to look at the ingredients of the product to ensure that it does not have any haram products.


Some products like CBD gummy bears are haram because they contain gelatin, which is an animal product.


You also have to be careful how you consume your CBD because some methods are considered haram. One of the haram methods is vaping because it resembles smoking which is haram.


How is Halal CBD Made?


To answer the question of how is halal CBD made, we must understand that CBD comes in two different forms.


Halal CBD does not contain THC but can contain other healthy compounds present in the plant. You can use CBD that has no THC and no other compounds or one with other products. Each of these types of CBD has different methods of being extracted.


To extract CBD that has all the other compounds except THC, people use several methods like;



halal cbd




Solvent extraction- People run a non-toxic solvent like ethanol over the hemp or marijuana plant. The solvent pulls out the cannabinoids and other healthy compounds from the plant, and then they evaporate the solvent.


Carbon dioxide extraction- In this process, extractors fill one chamber with liquid carbon dioxide and the other with the plant from which they are getting the CBD. They then pass the CO2 into the chamber with the plants, which is at high temperatures.


The temperatures turn the liquid into a supercritical gas which removes CBD and other healthy compounds from the plants. The extractors then pump the CO2 solution with the plant extracts into a 3rd chamber where the CO2 changes back into gas.


The CO2 releases the CBD and other compounds and changes into its normal gaseous form. It rises on the top of the chamber, leaving the extracted plant compounds at the bottom.


Oil extraction- The extractors heat the plant, either hemp or marijuana, in oil. That allows the release of cannabinoids and other plant compounds into the oil.

To extract CBD that does not have any other plant compounds, extractors follow certain steps;


Extraction- This is where the extractors extract the plant compounds using a solvent like ethanol, propane, or butane. Manufacturers mainly use Ethanol because it is not toxic.


Winterization- In this step, the extractors remove waxes, fats, and chlorophyll from the plant extract. To do that, they cool the temperatures of the solvent and extracts to sub-zero temperatures and then maintain those temperatures for some time.


That allows the waxes and fats to coagulate then separate from the solvent.


Filtration- The extractors use a filter press to filter the waxes and fats with the help of a vacuum pump.


Decarboxylation- This allows the extractors to achieve optimal levels of CBD. This step helps them remove carbon dioxide and carboxylic acid from the plant extract. Changing the acidic cannabinoid into a neutral form ensures that the end product has all the health benefits CBD offers.


Distillation- This helps remove any impurities that might be present in the extract to maximize its benefits.


Crystallization- This is an additional process that some manufacturers use to change the CBD into a crystalline form. The product is normally still 99.9% CBD.



halal cbd vs thc




Halal CBD Benefits


CBD has become a popular product in the market, mainly because of its health benefits. Some of the benefits you get from using it in its halal form include;


No ‘high’ feeling


This is one of the main halal CBD benefits. Since this form of CBD does not contain THC, which carries the psychoactive effects, you do not get the feeling of being high. That makes it possible for you to use it in public and at any time of the day.




Researchers have found that CBD minimizes the occurrence, severity, and symptoms of epilepsy, especially seizures.


Anti-anxiety and antidepressant


CBD helps you manage anxiety better by reducing your level of stress and increasing your ‘feel happy’ hormone. It also helps in reducing psychological effects connected to anxiety, like a pounding heart.


CBD helps improve or eliminate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and also helps you get better sleep.


Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties


If you have sore muscles after a workout or painful joints due to health issues or other complications, CBD will help you reduce or eliminate that pain. By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD functions as an analgesic, which makes it easier to manage pain.


It helps with pain caused by arthritis, scoliosis, sore muscles, or accidents. You can use CBD by applying CBD-infused creams over the aching muscles or joints.


It helps reduce and eliminate acne


The skin produces natural oils called sebum that help keep it moisturized and supple. However, when the skin produces it in large amounts, it could block the pores and cause blackheads, acne, breakouts, etc.


When you apply CBD on the skin, it helps regulate sebum production to the normal level.




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Has neuroprotective properties


The ability of CBD to act on the body’s endocannabinoid system and some other brain signaling systems makes it beneficial for people suffering from neurological disorders. Some of the disorders that CBD could help with include multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.


Beneficial for the heart


Research has linked CBD with some benefits to your heart and circulatory system. One of the main benefits is its ability to lower blood pressure. That lowers your chances of getting some diseases like heart attack, stroke, and metabolic system.


Might alleviate cancer-related symptoms


Taking CBD helps reduce the severity of some cancer symptoms. It also helps with side effects that come from cancer chemotherapy treatment like pain, nausea, and vomiting.



halal cbd benefits



How To Buy Halal CBD


When buying CBD that does not contain THC, you have to ensure that it is from a certified source. Some of the tips to ensure that you buy the best include;


  • Ensure that the manufacturer has the products tested by a third-party lab to ensure there are no THC traces.
  • Consider the method of extraction to ensure they did not use haram products.
  • Confirm that the CBD is vegetarian or vegan or is gelatin-free.
  • Buy CBD isolates or broad-spectrum CBD because they have no traces of CBD.
  • Ensure that the manufacturers have certification from ‘Halal International Control’ to confirm that their products are fully halal.
  • Consider where the hemp plant was grown. The hemp plant tends to absorb the substances in the soil and those used to grow it. Therefore, you have to ensure that the hemp plant from which the CBD was extracted came from clean soil, and no chemicals were used because that compromises its quality and benefits.


If you want to start using CBD for medical purposes, ensure you carry out your research to determine what is haram and halal as far as CBD goes. However, if after your research you still are not sure if it is halal or haram, you should consult your religious leader and ask them to help you with the decision.


You could also ask some of your friends or people you know what the best brands CBD products to buy are and how to choose them.


You should also start taking CBD in small doses and increase the doses as you go. If you notice any side effects, reduce the dosage or stop using CBD completely.


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