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Hailed by the New York Times as “liquid gold,” argan oil, with proven benefits and amazing smell, is an oil that has now become a top commodity around the world. 

Argan oil is created from the kernels of the nuts of the argan tree. The oil is amazing for nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing your hair and skin, leaving it feeling soft.

This tree is called “the tree of life” by Moroccans and is unique in its exclusivity to the region.

Ever seen a goat climb a tree? If you haven’t, this would be the place you would as even goats will climb up trees that have argan nuts.

Scientists named this region the “Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve.”

The region is protected by UNESCO and is considered to be among the few sources of the purest oils in the world.


What is Argan Oil? 

Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. It also packs antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. (1)

You will commonly find local Berber women working in cooperatives that control the argan oil industry.

These cooperatives share profits among the local Berber tribes aiding in health care, education, and the creation of jobs.

The profits from the argan oil industry have also been invested in establishing ecosystem reforestation, ensuring that the supply won’t run out.

The reforestation also hopes to ensure an evergreen process in which argan oil cultivation can withstand the test of time.

The argan oil industry in Morocco produces income for over 10% of the Moroccan population, helping sustain the lives of approximately 3.5 million people.



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Where Do the Majority of Argan Oil Products Come From?

Argan Oil–or the purest form of the oil–is best found in Morocco. Since the argan is geographically known to thrive in this region, the purest pressed argan oils can be found solely in Morocco.

The problem that other argan oil-based products outside of Morocco face is the quality of the bean and the oil that is extracted.

This quality will be widely differing when you are using argan oil products that are sourced outside of this region, so make sure to compare it to oil from a known source for pure oil for quality comparison.

When it comes to seeking your intended health goals from argan oil, it’s best to rely on the purest oils to fully feel the effects and benefits of this oil.


How do the Locals Use Argan Oil of Morocco?

The majority of the argan oil production and trade is owned and operated by the Berber women (natives), who have been relying on pure argan oil for more than just an economic commodity, but as a way to keep their skin healthy and youthful for centuries.

It is also a major source of work and income for these people and makes up a big part of the economy in Morocco.

Traditionally, the argan oil of Morocco will be consumed with breakfast, usually by dipping bread in it or drizzling it on couscous and pasta.

It is said that pure argan oil sales feed upwards of 10% of the Moroccan people.

For many generations (dating centuries back), natives who have lived in the Argan regions near the Argan Forest inside Morocco have developed methods to press the nuts in order to extract this valuable oil.

It can sometimes take up to 8 hours of hard, strenuous labor to crack and extract the oil from nuts that are needed for just a 1-liter bottle of oil.

Although the labor is harsh and tiresome, it is also a source of empowerment to the indigenous women who do most of the production and work.

Since then, it’s been used as a supplement and natural remedy for a variety of different things ranging from nourishing the skin and hair to healing wounds and providing relief for rashes.

What was once a well-kept secret between a group of women in Morocco is now considered a miracle remedy for many, specifically as it relates to skin, hair, and nails.

This can be attributed to the extraordinarily high concentration of vitamins it contains (specifically vitamin A and E).

Contrary to popular belief, however, argan oil use is not isolated to only Morocco.

Many throughout the world have caught onto the many argan oil benefits, and have since used it actively as well.

Predominantly, argan oil is used for hair – both by men and women alike. The reason for that could be because using argan oil for hair makes for one of the most effective and natural moisturizers one may find in that department.



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What are Argan Oil Benefits?


One of the most common benefits of argan oil is related to its uses for the hair and skin. This raw oil contains fatty acids, vitamins such as A and E, minerals, and antioxidants. (2)

Argan oil can also act to protect your skin by defending against toxins and parabens. 

Argan oil can also be added to your favorite hair and skin products to add nourishing and hydrating benefits.


Can you use Argan oil for your face?

It’s always a good idea to know your skin type when wanting to apply external products to your skin and face. 

Another great idea is to always test the product on a small part of your skin and wait for any response or side effects. 

Argan oil can be used on your face in fact, even throughout the day. Not only is it great for the skin, but it also provides protection from harsh weather such as that occurring in winter.

It is also great for hot weather–helping alleviate sunburn and dry skin issues. (3)

It’s best to use on the face after a shower when dry. Note that the oil can be thick depending on which brand you buy.

There are different variations of argan oil with some being thin and others being thick–but regardless of the consistency, none should clog the skin.


Argan Oil for Hair Benefits


Undoubtedly, argan oil benefits the hair unlike anything else. Its non-greasy essence makes it perfect for styling your hair while simultaneously getting rid of split ends!

It protects against the heat of curlers, hairdryers, and even flat irons! It does all these things together while promoting a healthy, vibrant shine.

Argan oil benefits hair by promoting hair growth and thickness, adding a natural shine, moisturizing, and repairing. When applied to your hair, it prevents drying by coating the hair shaft. (4)

In this manner, it also prevents environmental damage that way. This makes your hair a lot less prone to breakage from the heavy amounts of brushing and styling.

Overall, argan oil benefits your hair by making it a lot more manageable and healthier at the same time.

A popular method for restoring dry, brittle hair is by performing a deep conditioning treatment with argan oil overnight – once every week.

To do this, just warm 5-10 drops on your palms and gently massage into your scalp.

Continue to apply to your hair, all the way down to the ends. Then twist your hair and put on a shower cap. The shower cap will help keep your pillowcase oil-free, while also enabling better penetration of the oil into your scalp.

Once you rise in the morning, simply wash your hair as you would any other day.

For those suffering from dandruff, it’s highly recommended to do these overnight treatments twice a week for as many weeks you need (until dandruff disappears).

The reason why argan oil benefits the hair so much is due to the rich amounts of vitamin E it contains. Vitamin E is known to promote healthy hair growth and even hair regrowth! (5)

This is due to the antioxidants found in the oil which help replenish cells and encourage them to produce quality, healthy hair.



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Argan Oil Shampoo

Many people have seen up to double the hair nourishing benefits of argan oil when they added an argan oil shampoo to their daily regimen. (6)

To find a quality, pure argan oil shampoo, you need to look for something that actually has pure argan oil inside it of course.

One type of ingredient to try and avoid is sulfates. Finding a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates, however, is pretty difficult in today’s marketplace.

Sulfates make the shampoo have more bubbles (thereby giving the illusion of a cleaner, more thorough wash). This, however, isn’t the case. The sulfates often dry out your hair and cause it to be brittle.

All that can lead to hair loss problems as well as other hair related issues.


Argan Oil Conditioner

If you’re looking to replenish your hair like never before, have a soft natural shine, and give it a vibrancy, then try out a conditioner with argan oil.

Unlike many other conditioners, argan oil conditioners don’t leave your hair greasy. They’re also one of the few, true frizz-free hair products on the market that work.

Another added benefit is the way a lot of these argan oil conditioners leave their hair smelling. Leaving hair looking healthy and smelling great, it’s a no-brainer that argan oil is the go-to hair and skin product.


Pure Argan Oil for Hair

The best argan oil for hair is by far the pure argan oil, which contains 100% argan oil and no other byproducts.

The reason why pure argan oil benefits your hair most is due to the fact that there aren’t any chemicals added to the product, which ensures no damage will be done to your hair. (7)

Another great benefit of pure argan oil is that it’s imported directly from Morocco. The discerning buyer will note that the argan oil of Morocco still stands as the highest quality and purest in the world today.

There is something about the trees and the atmosphere in that region that make it the perfect breeding ground for the finest quality argan oil that exists in the whole globe.

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Argan Oil for Skin Moisturizer

One of the most common applications of argan oil is for the skin. It hydrates the skin and moisturizes it, leaving it to feel soft and smooth.

Argan oil is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, which are ideal for your skin. (8)

The skin requires the same nutrients that your body requires, making topical application of the oil on your skin to have a tremendous impact on boosting the skin naturally.

It absorbs into the skin easily making it non-greasy and great for moisturizing.

The benefits of argan oil on the skin can be applied throughout the body including the neck.


Argan Oil for Beards

Argan oil benefits the beard in many ways; from adding shine and softness while simultaneously making it richer and thicker.

It also moisturizes the skin beneath the beard that usually gets neglected. Starting to use argan oil on your beard is a great way to show some love to that skin.

It also acts as a natural brilliantine (hair softener), giving your hair a soft texture without the overwhelmingly heavy grease buildup that many other beard oils and waxes produce.

And for those who are looking to add a bit more density and thickness to their beards, argan oil can come in very handy for stimulating growth and promoting beard thickness too. (9)


Argan Oil for Lip Moisturizer

In cold and dry weather, argan oil treats dry, sore, and cracked lips. Vitamins inside the oil keep lips plump, soft, and healthy.

The benefits of argan oil for your lips don’t depend on the season or weather. Whether you are in a cold environment, or a hot dry environment like Morocco, argan oil will treat your lips wonderfully.

Unlike many lip care products, you won’t find preservatives and chemicals added to ensure shelf life.

This means that you’re only getting vitamins and nutrients to your lips, and no preservatives and added chemicals that are needed to package and store lip care products.

It’s very useful to always know that the more organic a product is, the better it is for us humans.

Certain brands of lip care products add menthol and other ingredients in order to produce a fresh, tingly, feeling.

Although it might “feel” like it’s working, these chemicals only add to the dryness of your lips, making you a repeat customer as they intended.

An organic and natural substitute to this is using argan oil for your lips. Although you won’t experience a “tingly” feeling, your lips will be fuller, smoother, and moisture.

It will treat blisters as well as dry and chapped lips better than the leading lip balm.



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Argan Oil Dry Feet and Heels

Rubbing argan oil on the dry cracking skin on your feet heels problem areas fast. The vitamins and nutrients break through the skin to nourish and moisturize, leaving your feet to heal and regain its softness. (10)

It has also shown to be effective in treating and fighting off athlete’s foot, and feet infections. It has strong anti-fungal properties, which make it great for aiding the treatment of athlete’s foot.


Argan Oil Soap

Argan oil soap is a great option if you’re looking to make your skin smooth and clean at the same time.

We know that argan oil contains many essential fatty acids that help your skin repair itself. It does this by creating a very thin protective layer which will protect your skin from harsh pollutants in your environment, including UV rays.

Another great reason why argan oil soap is a great solution is that it contains antiseptic properties, which means it’ll get rid of dangerous germs and bad bacteria on the surface of your skin.

These are the very germs that are responsible for attacking your healthy cells, as well as creating a bad environment around you.

If you don’t take care of these germs, they could lead to other issues such as acne and brittle, fragile skin.

That said, argan oil soap is a great solution for acne as well as any other skin problems. Keep in mind however that there is no such thing as pure argan oil soap, and if there was, it probably costs hundreds of dollars.

When comparing different soap brands, try to gauge which has the most amount of natural argan oil, the smallest amount of ingredients, and most authentic sources (the best is from Morocco).


Argan Oil Lotion

The lotion version of argan oil is another great and popular product that more and more people are turning to and starting to incorporate into their daily routines.

Almost every grocery and convenience store have at least one body care brand that carries a moisturizing lotion with argan oil. You can also choose from a plethora of available options on Amazon.

The great thing about lotions is that you can find some great organic and pure argan oil that’s mixed with other pure, natural oils to make a killer one-in-all lotion and moisturizer.

The options are endless and you are guaranteed to find something, just remember to follow the guidelines and skip the junk by making sure to check the ingredients!



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Can You Ingest Argan oil?


There are 2 ways to use argan oil, cosmetic usage, and culinary usage. Whether you use it to cook or use it for cosmetic purposes, it has many benefits.

Argan oil-rich unsaturated fatty acids contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which all Doctors recommend should be 30% of your diet.

The reason being is that it comes from mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is far healthier than saturated fats from meats and butter.


What is the Shelf life of Argan Oil?

Argan oils shelf life is estimated to be between 3-6 months depending on what kind of argan oil you buy. For that reason, it is recommended to use it consistently for the first 6 months.

It should be kept away from direct sunlight and sealed tight. Smaller bottles of argan oil are recommended to benefit from its nutrients without losing its benefits.

Bigger bottles of argan oil might lose those benefits since it will sit on your shelf longer.


How to use Argan Oil


The dosage of argan oil for internal usage is 1-2 tablespoon a day. To fully feel the benefits of argan oil, consume 1 tablespoon in the morning, and 1 tablespoon at night.

It should not be used to cook with heat and can reduce some of the benefits. Rather it should be consumed with food, or added to food like salad dressing.

The dosage of argan oil for external usage varies depending on the purpose of treatment.

When applied to hair for conditioning or shampooing, enough should be applied to fully nourish from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

The same applies to overnight hair masks and styling.

When it comes to your skin, argan oil should be applied evenly throughout the body. It absorbs well so don’t worry about a greasy feel.

When it comes to your nails, it should be applied evenly to the nails of your feet and hand.

When it comes to restoring your glossy natural shine and repairing split ends, there are few oils that come close to argan oil.

Not only is it used as a common styling agent, but it also helps in taming frizz and giving hair shine.

Argan oil can also improve hair sleekness, adding for a softer and shinier look. 

Using argan oil to moisturize your hair is also very useful as it moisturizes the hair very effectively.

Using argan oil for hair is extremely easy and simple; just apply some of the oil to your palms and massage into your hair.

There are many ways to make argan oil, and it comes in many different types of products (which we’ll go over later).


Side Effects of Argan Oil 


Although argan oil is technically not a tree nut it is a stone nut, test the oil on the inside of your arm first to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction.

There are not much-known side effects of argan oil although you should be careful about the amount you use. 


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