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A Guide to Halal Meat 2023 [ Infographic ]

Islam requires that meat be prepared in a specific way, and Muslims often seek out halal meat when they can.

But what is halal meat, and why is it so important to some people?

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This infographic takes a look at the history of halal meat, how it’s prepared, and some of the benefits people say come with eating it.

Whether you’re Muslim or not, this information may make you think twice about where your meat comes from.



What is Halal Meat?

Halal meat is meat that has been prepared in accordance with Islamic law. This means that the animal has been slaughtered in a humane way and that all of the blood has been drained from the meat.


Halal meat is considered to be fresher and more flavorful than non-halal meat, and it is also thought to be more nutritious. In addition, halal meat is less likely to contain harmful bacteria, making it a safer choice for consumers. Muslims are not the only ones who can benefit from eating halal meat; non-Muslims can also enjoy the many benefits of halal meat. Halal meat is a healthy and delicious option for everyone.


Interesting Halal Statistics

  • The global halal meat market size is worth USD 202 billion
  • Halal food makes up 43% of the gloal halal industry.
  • 3.45 million Muslims in USA
  • US halal market is worth $22.6 billion
  • 0.5% of Halal meat sales through supermarkets
  • US Muslims are spending $16 billion a year on Kosher products because the Halal products are not available.
  • For every 1 Halal product on the US supermarket shelves, there are 86 kosher products


Where Does Halal Meat Comes From?

  • Brazil: $5.19b
  • Australia: $2.36b
  • India:$2.28b
  • France: $0.8b
  • China: $0.7b
  • Sudan and South Sudan: $0.63b
  • Netherland: $0.59b
  • Spain: $0.56b
  • Somalia: $0.47b
  • Turkey: $0.46b


Top Reasons to Eat Halal Even If You are Not a Muslim

  • Then halal is less painful for animals. It is proved that the animals who are slaughtered using this method feel less pain.
  • Halal meat is rich in vitamins, omega-3 fat and antioxidants which are healthy for the human body.
  • Halal meat is more pocket-friendly.
  • Halal meat tastes better than other meat.
  • Halal meat is free from bacteria and harmful substances that otherwise would have hampered your brain.
  • Halal meat is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.
  • Animals killed using non-halal methods
  • The organs also don’t contain any contaminated blood.


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